Under The Mask Of Humanity

by Abnabak

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this 1st realisation composed between 2009-2012 and recorded in August 2013 at A.L studio .


released December 10, 2013

The influences threaded throughout the album include the different faces of schizophrenia, and the dark abyss of philosophy.

The first track, Misanthrope feels raw, murky and slightly muffled. The vocals are witheringly cold and suitably grim. The track does accelerate in the second half, and as a listener, I’m made to feel as if I’m running out of time. The track fades out with what sounds like a fox barking and crows gabbing. It’s a really strong, atmospheric start to the album.

From War doesn’t sound as oppressive. It’s actually a bit more experimental. The tempo is quite slow and the overall sound differs a fair bit from the first track. I have to say that I’m quite pleased about this, as variety is key in my book. There’s quite a hypnotic, even warm feel to it. It’s almost as if it’s wrapping itself around my consciousness. The vocals add real heaviness and depth. The track does pick up the pace and the vocals become a bit more desperate and harrowing. There is complete control over everything, and the timing is spot on. The tempo slows down again as the track rounds up to finish. There’s a real strength to this track, and it’s admirable that it’s just one man behind everything.

Hate has a much harsher feel. It’s strong, heavy and dark. There hasn’t been much experimentation with the vocals as yet, but it doesn’t really matter, as there’s a lot to get out of it otherwise. The track speeds up, hardens and becomes significantly more brutal. It isn’t extraordinary, but it’s satisfying enough.

“There is a Period to Everything” both share similar attributes, but add touches of hectic fury in their drumming and tremolo guitar picking. Structurally, they offer more variety, style-wise and run the gamut of rhythms and pacing which only benefit the album as a whole.



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Abnabak Agadir, Morocco

Abnabak is a black metal from Morocco, Agadir city formed in 2009 , influenced by the dark abyss of philosophy pessimistic and the different faces of deep schizophrenia , invoking the black might of human superiority and authority .
among individualism and the venom of egoism in life truth rising the sight of self knowledge .
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